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While Bite Feed Die Repeat is well drafted and fully written to about the fifth chapter or whatever, gonna take longer than I thought 'cause of well, making everything more legit since I noticed that the original plan wasn't really physically possible in terms of horse endurance, even now I might be stretching it but there's circumstances in place to cover that... It's all just 'cause the more realistic a zombie story is, the better it is. And I've taken some time to look at some writing tips and whatever so hopefully when it comes around it'll be decent enough. Annoying as hell but worth it.

Also I'm feeling pretty damn zombified too right now thanks to a cold that sprang up overnight, many thanks to my dad for passing that on... xP

Thank you to everyone who checked out the first chapter and I hope it gets better. Really appreciate it.

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Zombie Dingo Reference WIP2 by amaryllis-bloom
Zombie Dingo Reference WIP2
Well now my exams are over and I get breathe again for now, means I'm gonna have time to get some art and writing done which is cool...

As you can see I'm doing this in full colour for now and messing around with bloody wounds and stuff, but in the end I'll make the main dingo colour black and white and leave the blood and the red eye in colour - which would be the style I would use should I ever make a graphic novel out of Bite.Feed.Die.Repeat. 
Still got some tweaking and experimenting to do and hopefully I'll keep this simple (I really should time myself...)

Thanks for viewing, if you got any ideas or see anything that could be better then leave a comment, critics always welcome
Zombie Dingo Reference WIP by amaryllis-bloom
Zombie Dingo Reference WIP
Okay for now it's just a regular dingo that kinda looks a bit sorry for itself but hopefully won't be when I'm done with it... (Also I guess this is spoilers for Bite Feed Die Repeat... xP ) Meh whatever... I really need to move onto drawing people and weapons and stuff really 'cause that's what I need to practise most so at least this only took less than half an hour maybe to do so far...

If there's anything anatomically/proportionately wrong with this than please critic before I get too far into this lolz... Well besides the paw which I don't even care about right now xP and I think the back end is a bit dodgy but might just be 'cause I got lazy and rushed by then or just 'cause it don't have as much detail as the front half yet... Whatever it'll hopefully fix itself when I get around the shading and stuff ;) Still any critics welcome

Hopefully I'll have more zombie stuff coming up this summer, including a ton more of the book which I swear I'm nearly done sorting out a few plot changes... And I know it's only the first slow chapter and a prologue which is probably even more boring, but if you're into zombie survival then please check out Bite Feed Die Repeat on my page and any feedback on the writing is more than welcome 'cause I always wanna get better. And rather sort out bad habits before I upload the rest ;) Thanks people!
While Bite Feed Die Repeat is well drafted and fully written to about the fifth chapter or whatever, gonna take longer than I thought 'cause of well, making everything more legit since I noticed that the original plan wasn't really physically possible in terms of horse endurance, even now I might be stretching it but there's circumstances in place to cover that... It's all just 'cause the more realistic a zombie story is, the better it is. And I've taken some time to look at some writing tips and whatever so hopefully when it comes around it'll be decent enough. Annoying as hell but worth it.

Also I'm feeling pretty damn zombified too right now thanks to a cold that sprang up overnight, many thanks to my dad for passing that on... xP

Thank you to everyone who checked out the first chapter and I hope it gets better. Really appreciate it.

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  • Listening to: Coal Chamber, Nirvana, Shinedown, SOiL...
  • Reading: Hm I really should finish reading GoT books...
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So B.F.D.R the zomcom-ish zombie survival story set in Australia ('cause America's overdone and the UK is boring lolz) whether it's any good that's up to you guys to decide but it's been fun writing it with my best buddy so meeeehh...

If you're bored and into zombies then check it out on my page and it would be a real help to us if we could get some critic on it ;) Thanks to all those who are interested and hope you like it x)

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  • Reading: Hm I really should finish reading GoT books...
  • Watching: V for Vendetta
  • Playing: guitar (Nirvana/Disturbed)
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  • Drinking: Strongbow

From the minds of Lauren Griffith and Sophie Howard-King




First things first here we are; a couple of young ladies in the Northern Territory of Australia. But we’re not from around here; not even from anywhere on the continent. We’re British. Just thought we’d clear that up before you wonder why we don’t say ‘hooroo’ or whatever typical slang people use Down Under. That and if you start to imagine us speaking with the accent...

Why make the permanent long haul to Australia? Well neither of us had a good home life and frankly after all the stupid, messed up shit we needed a fresh start... And we thought America was a bit cliché. So... Australia: good people, not crowded, interesting wildlife, and life as a cop there was pretty interesting too... When the opportunity arose to catch a plane and stay there, how could we refuse?

While we’re on the subject of the past, here’s a little more background history... Originally we came from England. And by the way we’re nowhere near posh – well sometimes if we’re taking the piss or just being polite... We have a pretty ‘average’ accent most of the time. One of us is what you’d consider either a stereotypical ‘emo’ or a Goth... You know; bright or black skinny jeans, band shirts and hoodies, black makeup all round... However neither label can really be applied. And the other, well, sometimes people might think had escaped from a mental hospital, ‘cause you never know what random sarcastic comment she’ll say next. And random is an understatement.

So anyway we met in high school and very quickly became friends, then best friends and knew we always would be. Our families got on well; even to the point of taking us both on holidays together (well one holiday) to New Zealand. After high school we stayed a few more years with our parents while we worked through our A levels at separate colleges until at the earliest opportunity, we boarded a plane to Australia, joined universities and got part time jobs. We never really planned to become cops but we had to do something to bring money in so we thought it would be a good idea.

Eventually we received our qualifications and we ended up renting a house together on the outskirts of Darwin. We had a good neighbour; a Japanese fella who grew up mostly in Australia and was such an awesome nerd; computer geek, Lord of the Rings fan and made customised blades for his family’s business. By the time we were 23 we had life pretty much sorted. Due to the extra income of a couple of hobbies we managed to buy ourselves a couple of stallions and a white German Shepherd dog (though English Bulldog was already on the list but who can spare a thousand pounds at this age?) Although we always had our career plans in mind we ended up being pretty settled In the police force. One of us in the K9 unit, the other in the SWAT team and both of us technically in the mounted department if and when we needed to be. Over the years we made many good friends and if life had carried on exactly the way it was, we wouldn’t complain...

Unfortunately, it kinda didn’t...

An institution in the depths of the Australian wilderness was researching many common and harmful diseases. Many of them, including rabies, hardly exist in Australia, if cases are ever seen at all. Whatever they were doing for whatever purpose, it cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people at least. That’s if you believe that they’re actually the ones to blame. No one knows what happened exactly other than it all started in the year 2020.

There are a few theories surrounding the research facility. Like they were trying to find cures and instead they managed to create a new, far more powerful strain. Then whatever they were testing on escaped and bit someone; the first domino falling... Another popular one is that the institution wasn’t Australian at all and some unfriendly country did this on purpose as a cover up for unleashing a biological weapon on Australia. None of the ideas really make total sense to us. However, it happened and we may never find out and frankly we don’t give a shit how it started. We just want to know if it’ll ever finish.

Sometimes information like that would be useful, but with something as in your face as a zombie virus spreading through cities like an outback fire in a summer storm, you end up learning about it pretty quickly on your own. Either learn or die. It’s that simple.

Oh and when we say zombies we don’t mean the classic ‘undead’ zombies that drag their rotting feet along the ground at one mile per hour. We’re talking about the crazy infected bitches that actually run and chase you. So that’s why we think that it’s some form of rabies which is the only part of the stories that makes sense. And remember that’s the thing about zombies: they come in a wide variety of forms and have different weaknesses and strengths. You never know how they might come about, of which there are more possibilities than you might think.

But enough of what we could have faced. This is the story of what we have faced. The story of how we survived. And should you ever have to face something like this yourself, maybe you could take some advice from what we did. Take it or leave it, but you never know... And no harm in being prepared...










A police car cruised down Bagot Road highway of Darwin. In the driver’s seat was me; a twenty six year old woman with long raven black hair – which today I had tied back in a sensible braided pony tail – and bright, icy blue eyes. I got away with a fair amount of eyeliner somehow. I just don’t feel right without it on. That’s one thing about me I annoy myself with: insecure. My height is probably average at about 5’8” and I’m pretty slim thanks to this job (and all the workouts that I have to do to make sure I can do this job without collapsing from exhaustion) This baggy uniform hides a lot of it though... I look a bit delicate but trust me I’ve got the muscle to take out tough guys if I must. So anyway I’m Liv.

The midday sun blazed on the concrete outside. It flashed blinding bright on the hoods of other vehicles. Not so much of a wisp of cloud was in the endless blue sky to offer protection from the blistering heat. We passed various shops and superstores and it appeared the whole city was out and about today. It was always summer in Australia. At least for someone who’s from the UK. I was scanning the streets and vehicles ahead of me like an eagle searching out rats. If it’s one thing I know about this job is that there’s always something, as boring as some days may seem. And boring is what my colleague will certainly agree on.

Beside me was a man of similar age, only a couple years older. Meet Kurt; dark blonde hair that came nearly down to his shoulders which for once was relatively well groomed. His face though was unshaven with darker stubble. He stared blankly in the road and his shade-darker-than-mine blue eyes were dull with boredom, however they hadn’t lost the spark of a cheeky nine year old boy. I bet if he shaved he could get confused with a sixteen year old with his behaviour. Plus he was only an inch taller than me so he was a bit short for a guy I guess. Like many police officers Kurt spent many hours in the station gym so he was a slim guy with a fair bit of muscle in his arms and torso to show for it. It was just as well because Kurt eats nothing besides crap you shove in a microwave.

Glancing in the rear view mirror I checked on my second colleague. In the back of the car was my vigilant white German Shepherd, Ghost, his smooth, thick fur glowing in the sunlight. He wore a harness with Velcro reflectors for police identification hence the word ‘police’ running down both sides. It was safer for him since it’s harder for anyone to pull him off when Ghost got hold of ‘em. If he was wearing a collar he could be strangled and I didn’t like that idea. His liquid golden eyes held a high intelligence even for a police dog; he sat watching the bustling world rushing by the window with his ears perked forward eagerly. Out of all of us in the cop cruiser, Ghost was the only one finding fun in the ride.

Kurt sniffed and sighed tiredly and pulled out his ipod. Instantly he plugged an earphone in, turning on the metal full blast and let his head fall back against the head rest with his eyes closed. I easily noticed and rolled my eyes with light hearted annoyance. I knew full well this guy would be out in a matter of minutes. So I checked the mirrors and then violently swerved into the next lane, making him bang his head on the window. When he looked at me with his signature irritated evil eyes. I glanced at him with a raised eyebrow trying to keep serious. But Kurt kept glaring and after glancing at him a couple more times I couldn’t keep my serious face from twisting into a smirk, to which he smiled and nodded as he returned ipod to his pocket. I don’t care how much he amuses me, I wasn’t letting him get away with it this time. The last thing I wanted was him to lose his job. But I could understand his boredom. It was a small place. Three main built up areas all within twenty minutes of each other. Also even with the air con on, the heat was getting to us and making us tired. But we had a job to do, and again; there’s always something.




 At the city police station that Liv and Kurt had just despatched from, a Territory Response Group team (in other words SWAT team) had just began their weekly training exercises at the firing range. The firing range, which was normally quite noisy, was dead quiet as a young lady stepped into a firing box, holding a rather sophisticated sniper rifle. That young lady was me, Naomi. As I flipped down the bipod, I looked through the scope and teased the trigger. My light brown, fiery eyes focused on the distant target and I began focusing the sight.

Then without warning I squeezed the trigger, a thundering gunshot rolled across the field and the rifle jolted backwards slightly as the bullet shot out of the barrel and whistled through the air.  The target that I had focused my cross hairs on let out a puff of dust, as torn pieces of paper floated to the floor. As the paper target was retracted back to the box a bullet hole was clearly visible right between the target’s invisible eyes.

“Never doubt me boys.” I declared, handing out my hand to receive my winnings. Being the only girl on this SWAT team, as we called it, the boys liked to think it was cool to gang up on me but the fact was I was the best out of all of them and that was why I was made captain. Some of the boys did not like it, as I was younger and of course more talented than them, while others tried to suck up to me; so I always tried to have a bit of fun when I could.

Others also tried to flirt with me but none of them were my type. I would describe myself as a tomboy, a bit taller than some people would expect at about 5’11” tall with a muscular, athletic appearance. My best friend, Liv, normally jokes that I am more of a man and I would tend to agree, as from the back my short dark brown hair make me look masculine. I guess my choice of clothes don't help much either but what can you do when half the time you are in uniform and the other half you are either at the gym, at work or having good fun either riding my horse or trading him for another form of horsepower, my motorbike.

Running my fingers through my hair, messing it up slightly, I reloaded the rifle and set it back up to take another shot at a fresh target. As I focused the sight and slowed my breathing, pulse on the trigger ready to fire, a hand covered my scope. Angered, I turned around with my fist clenched. No one disturbs me when I shoot; that was the rules unless it was an emergency.

“We got called out.” Isaac announced. I let out a curse of annoyance and unclenched my fist before heading towards the inside car park with the rest of my team.

“What’s it this time?” I asked as I jogged swiftly passed on my lean legs to the black armoured van that awaited us. “It better be more exciting than that drug bust the other week!”




The car came to a halt as we ran into a traffic jam.

“Great...” said the Kurt sarcastically, his American accent still strong even after three years of living Down Under, “Liv, next time I drive.”

“As long as you don’t get lost again, Kurt.” I replied with amusement.

Kurt huffed at me exasperatedly. “Not my fault these suburbs are a bunch of mazes... Domestic wasn’t even worth it.” he retorted. Both of our radios started to crackle and my K9, who was laying down, instantly got up on his paws and started to growl and rumble.

“Shh Ghost.” I commanded as I tried to make out the voice.

“All available units needed in Casuarina Square. Reports of a rogue male individual attacking civilians at random, all victims critically wounded or dead.”

“Well, holy shit.” said Kurt, actually intrigued. I nodded in agreement and both of us spoke our call signs into our radios. The attacks had apparently caused the traffic jam as we were only a about five minutes away from the shopping centre. With a determined expression set, I turned on the sirens and weaved in and out of the cars as fast as possible as the traffic tried to move out of the way.




The armoured van sped through the streets, navigating through the thick traffic, while I tried to skilfully stay seated while strapping on the rest of my body armour.

“Slow down mate, do you want us to arrive alive or dead?!” I banged loudly on the window that separated the back of the van from the driver’s seat. Me and my team had been called to deal with a psychotic man who was attacking people at random and rather viciously at that. We had despatched only minutes after receiving the details and figured it must be bad for us to be called upon. I grabbed my bullet proof vest unstrapped the left hand side, placed my arm through and secured it tightly. The last time I had strapped this vest on and played a part in any real action was a couple weeks back; when me and Liv had taken part in a large drugs bust. There wasn’t much point in me being there though…

Reaching underneath my seat, I pulled out a large metal case and unlocked the padlocks that protected it, I carefully opened the case and a smile appeared across my face, my M4 Carbine gleamed back at me. It was as immaculate as ever and as I removed it from its casing I checked all the parts were functioning and cleaned it once more; checking the scope was free of dust. Just as I had finished the van came to a sharp stop and me and my team where all thrown about.

“Please remind me to fire him.” I asked my team. They chuckled and flung the doors of the van open so that we could examine the area and decide upon different vantage points. It was chaos out there. But the screams and crying of nearby civilians were at the edge of my mind, ‘cause I wasn’t one for panicking or worrying.

Four of my team stayed on the ground – joining the police that had rallied to confront the suspect. Two of them were highly trained and experienced in dealing with violent criminals and the other two were trained in negotiations and psychology. Me and the last two of my team headed higher and found a vantage point upon a small convenience store. My men travelled to the second floor while I set my Carbine up on its bipod up on the top of the roof, hidden behind the shop’s large billboard. I lay down on top of the roofs hot tiles and focused my sight; the adrenaline was already pumping through my body and all I could hear was the blood pumping through my ears.




I pulled up swiftly just outside the shopping centre where many other cop cars and a couple ambulances were parked. Their lights dazzled and a couple sirens still blared over the screams of the frantic crowds running from the buildings. Belongings were just discarded all over the place, people were carrying their confused and crying children. Some idiots who didn’t know what was going on were standing there gormless. Very helpful... The world was blurring in a shroud of fear and for a second I couldn’t help but stare. Knowing there was a job to do I blinked myself out of it and pulled on the car door handle. Kurt and I jumped out of the car and Ghost slipped over the back seat and between the front seats to follow. As he was trained to, he began sniffing the air and the ground eagerly, wagging his feathery tail in excitement. He did not have a lead on because he was smart enough not to bolt unless granted permission. Only a quick word from me was all that was required to get his attention, to calm down and not to wander off. And another thing, Ghost was huge. He was less of a Shepherd and more of an Akita, and if he stood on his back legs he was pretty much as tall as me. We were joined by a couple other officers and we instantly moved out, pistols ready in hand.

We hurried through the streets looking in all directions for the apparently insane target by following the screams of the public. More and more people were flowing in the opposite direction. Why did it have to be so damn busy today? I thought irritated as some guy barged into my shoulder. Mingled with the shrieking were the voices of officers shouting at one another or into their radios as well as distant car alarms and horns. It was a confusing, hectic racket.

“Get him boy!” I called to Ghost, who was beginning to whine as he was on the scent of something. With a chorus of barks, he took off down the road; slipping through the crowd like a fish through a river. Our patrol group sprinted after the hound. As ever the brilliant dog found his target straight away through the buildings to the car park in front of the shopping centre. He stood a way off from the blood soaked suspect, barking viciously as he waited for his partners to arrive.


Looking through my scope I scanned the car park below me but it was hard to locate the psychopath in question with all the madness going on. People were screaming, crying, tripping over each other… some were idiots having to be pushed back by police as they tried to videotape the fucked up situation. There was even a helicopter whirring overhead. Then I spotted a camera crew that had managed to push its way through the crowd and was now harassing police officers, who were trying their best to stay calm but I think they were generally shitting their pants. While scanning the crowds I noticed a quick flash of white fur. Immediately I knew who it was. I recognised the pale silky fur anywhere as it covered most of the house and as well as my clothes. it was Ghost, aka the massive canine from Game of Thrones.

Keeping him in my sight, I followed his path through the fleeing stragglers and when he finally stopped I focused my eyes onto what he was staring at. 

“Holy shit...” Escaped my mouth as I peered through my scope. Ghost was staring eagle-eyed at a fully grown man, covered in blood and leant over a women also drenched scarlet. As I continued to watch in awe I realised the psycho was eating her! The man's skin was broken and torn in places revealing dark cavities of rotten-like flesh. His clothes where filthy and torn, blood dripped down his chin as he yanked of a piece of flesh, devouring it within seconds. Call me crazy but I had watched enough horror movies to have a guess as to what that meant...

The police and my ground team surrounded it and probably were trying to negotiate. Among them was Liv and Kurt and I envied them to see everything up close. The police shouted at him one last time to get on the ground but he was not listen. If he wasn’t what I thought he was, I don’t know what the hell he was thinking because at this point he sprung up and made a dash forward and I pulled the trigger and my bullet silently sped towards the target.

God… how I loved being a part of the action.


I was staring at the scene in disbelief. I had never seen anything more fucked up in my life. Simultaneously all of us ground officers locked our pistols and aimed. Despite being as far away as we were, I could smell the sickly metal tang of the blood, so strong it became a vile taste. My heart pounded in my ears as fight or flight kicked in. To keep the aim of my gun steady I forced my breathing into the core of my gut to maintain utmost control.

Someone behind me ordered, “Get on the ground!” Kurt and I exchanged a disbelieving glance that said; Uh… Seriously? The man simply growled and crouched slightly as he prepared to attack, his bloody teeth bared like an animal. “Last warning!” He leapt at us with a shriek, but his cry was cut short by the sound of a bullet burning through the air followed by the sickening thud of the body. As soon as everything stilled the officers exploded into action again. I remained calm and knelt down to praise Ghost who was growling softly at the man’s body. It was then when my mind logically comprehended exactly what just happened. Part of me refused to believe what my brain was telling me. Meanwhile Kurt sort of danced about trying to be part of help when he wasn’t needed. Never seen him so up for work before.

A body bag was soon rushed over and some officers and ambulance staff carefully got the criminal in it before lifting him onto a stretcher to take to transportation. As far as I was following, the body was going to the nearest hospital to be tested and autopsied for drugs and disorders.

Kurt approached me and said, “I’m gonna go with the body and see what’s wrong with him.”

I raised an eyebrow, thinking that Kurt already knew what it was – despite the fact that I was half in doubt myself. I reckoned he’d be a bit obsessed with it. “Okay, just be careful. I don’t want you to get whatever that psycho had if it’s contagious.” Kurt grinned at me, and with a pat on Ghost’s head he turned on his heel,

“See you around Liv.”

“See you Kurt.” Then suddenly my phone rang. Whipping it out of my pocket I saw that it was Naomi. “Hey-”

“Please tell me you saw what I did!” And then she joked, “It’s either that or you spiked my coffee this morning bitch!”

My eyes narrowed with amusement, “If you mean the drugged insane cannibal then yes.”

“You think he was drugged?! Come on you know what that was.” she scorned with her light hearted irritation.

I let out a soft laugh, “Technically it’s very unlikely...”

Naomi’s loud sigh cut me off, “Alright whatever, see you for the coffee break.”

“Later.” The call ceased and I turned to Ghost, “Come on boy.” With a bark Ghost trotted at my heels back to the car.


In the police station dining hall Naomi and I sat opposite each other with Ghost laying underneath the table half asleep at our feet. I sipped my coffee, my blue gaze glancing at the doors unceasingly. Naomi’s eyes however were fixed on the phone or otherwise looking up at the TV screen on the wall ahead of her.

“Where’s Kurt gone?” she suddenly asked, realising that no one had come to annoy her this break.

“He went with the body to find out about the psycho.” I replied.

“Ugh… Ditched us...”

About ten minutes later we finished our drinks, and picking up our backpacks we were about to leave when Naomi gave the TV one last glance. But this time her eyes stuck to it wide with disbelief. She tapped me on the shoulder. Mystified I twisted round to see that the news was on. Like Naomi I was shocked by the headline.

Darwin has fallen into chaos and devastation as what appears to be a cannibalistic disease is raging through the streets. Everyone be warned to get out of the city and to stay well clear of any infected. Police are trying to contain the infection but it appears to be spreading rapidly from the hospital morgue where a supposedly dead man was brought after being shot down by police earlier today...”

“Kurt...” My stomach dropped as images of the crazed man attacking my friend, killing him, and devouring his flesh flashed through my mind. Snatching my phone from my pocket I dialled Kurt’s number with trembling fingers but his phone didn’t even go to voice mail. “Shit!” I hissed through my teeth and shook my head in disbelief.




I shot forward and grabbed Liv’s arm and pulled her out of her seat, “Liv we’ve got to get out of here!” Seeing her tortured expression I said, “You never know Kurt could have left before the zombie came back to life.” If my words of reason weren’t enough to snap Liv out of frozen shock, Ghost’s low growl was. Already we could both hear terrified screams echoing through the streets. Liv was about to take off but I remained standing and quickly chugged down the last of coffee.

“Uh Naomi?” Liv said urgently. I finished the last drop and chucked the cup over my shoulder, wiping my lips with the back of my hand.

“What? You know me with coffee withdrawal!” She sneered and bolted passed her slightly seething friend. The three of us ran out of the fire exit onto the road, in the space of five minutes it had completely transformed into a world of madness. Wave after wave of people stampeded down the road in attempt to escape the growing, uncontrollable chaos of death. Cars had already crashed, some were on fire, and shop windows had been smashed in the public’s panic. I could barely hear myself think, if I could even think of a plan. The mixture of yelling, crying and car horns blaring was deafening.

“Come on!” Liv called as she raced back into the police station.

Inside the building it was a mad house and every copper was being called to arms to fight the infection. Tables and desks had been upturned… Paperwork and blood decorated the floor... And then we heard screaming from the interrogation rooms as we passed by. A shadow appeared by the window  which quickly disappeared and was replaced by a red smear. From the firing range manic shouting and gunshots could be heard but the growling soon drowned it out.

I quickly realised we weren’t going directly to the carpark where my motorbike and Liv’s car were sitting, “Wait, Liv where are you going?”

“I’m not driving the car, I’m getting keys to one of the police bikes.”

 “Are you serious?” I said to her, “Zombies could just grab us, so I thought we were all going in your car.” I narrowed my eyes suspiciously at Liv. “Or thinking about it we could take a van…”

With a small huff Liv made her case, “Naomi, we’re in the middle of a city with the whole population piling into cars to get out. Not to mention the traffic jams of half of them crashing. So bikes will be able to get through a lot easier than going in any car.” Liv started walking away.

I thought it through and discovered, even in my tiny mind, that it made sense, “Fair enough, but what about Ghost?” Liv glanced at Ghost who was staring around and sniffing in all directions.

“I really don’t think we’ll be going fast enough for Ghost not to be able to keep up. If we crash it’s more than likely game over so seriously take your time.” She warned me, “Even if I have to slow down for Ghost you can go ahead and make sure the way’s clear.”

I huffed, once again beaten by the never ending list of arguments Liv had implanted permanently in her mind. “Fine.”

We continued running as we both manoeuvred our way carefully and quickly to the back of station. We both knew very well that in a zombie apocalypse, it was every man for himself. Or in this case every woman. Ignoring every call or cry for help from their co-workers they pushed through the carnage and burst into the room where the keys to all the police transport were kept safely locked in a cabinet. CCTV was also located here in the next room and as Liv struggled with the lock, I glanced at the monitors watching the massacre that was mounting in front of my eyes.

“Fuck sake!” In her impatience Liv quickly pulled out her pistol and fired a few shots at the key hole. A moment later there was a splintered hole in place of the lock and she managed to wrench the cabinet open; despite her hands shaking with extreme pressure and anxiety. Liv snatched a key off a hook and without a word dashed off out of the room.

I followed her and we entered the carpark, which was luckily clear for the moment. While Liv and Ghost headed over to the police vehicles, I rushed to my own bike on the other side of the carpark.

I sprang easily on top of my sleek, badass ride and the engine roared into life at my command. Liv waited for me astride her chosen bike. “It’s bloody lucky you persuaded me to learn how to ride these things, and that I ended up loving it.”

“Indeed, or we’d be a bit fucked right now.” Liv agreed, raising an eyebrow. With a growl of the engine Liv rolled on and I quickly roared ahead of her, causing my wheels to spin, squeal and spit up smoke. Ghost barked excitedly as he tore after us.

Bite.Feed.Die.Repeat. Prologue and Chapter 1
After 3 years of me and my best friend IamAwesome66 planning this novel, and about a year of drafting (of which I am on about the 10th/11th chapter of that...) Finally going to upload a completed chapter... Hopefully it's decent and you guys like the style (the next chapters won't be so complicated with the POV) and you like where this is going. First chapter will always be a bit slow and you might find the prologue boring but thought the prologue would be useful to explain everything so we could get into the actual story. I don't know, this is the first book me and my buddy have ever written and sent out to public domain so might not be the best but hopefully not the worst xP

Obviously critics welcome, I'll be uploading a couple more chapters over the following week but beyond that no idea when the rest will get done. It's a busy time for A level students ;) Hope you guys enjoy and thanks for checking this out, we much appreciate it :D

Copyright: Characters and story belong to :iconamaryllis-bloom: and :iconiamawesome66:


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Lauren Griffith
United Kingdom
I'm 18, a college student, hopefully I'll become a zoologist/wildlife photographer or something like that with a bit of art and writing on the side. I'm driven by music and I owe my sanity to bands of all kinds of rock and metal as well as my older sister, my brother in law,
and my best mate :iconiamawesome66: <-- Check out her art and awesome photography :D

Most of what I'll put on here will be photos of nature and my pets along with Photoshop stuff and local commissions which could possibly be commissions through here maybe...

If you want to follow me on Twitter @ LG_Amaryllis I'll follow back ;)

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