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My, my how time flies... Term 1 of university is over. Bit of a slow start by my reckoning but I got a lot of work to do, balancing that with art and guitar is a bit mental but as long as I don't sit around and do nothing. Getting the motivation to stay away from that has been difficult sometimes of late but thanks to Shinedown, and Disturbed as well recently, motivation isn't far away. It's become a bit of a ritual to watch the 'State of my Head' music video every morning and whenever I wanna quit working. Always gets me thinking about what I want for the future.

Can't wait for next year. Got my new place already sorted out, can't wait to get out of these student halls of hell... Though I can't help but imagine my crazy ass friends are gonna do something insane for me to come home to every day. They already plan on building a fort out of boxes of wine in the lounge... Oh lord... Apparently opposites do attract 'cause I'm serious and sensible as hell and I attract all the crazies. Balances out though right? xP

All my art related stuff is coming along nicely, I surprise myself in how things turn out sometimes lol. Nearly done with the xmas animal babies... got some Boondock Saints stuff, some more Christmassy animals, and some gothic xmas stuff... Along with every WIP I gotta finish... Also finished another pet portrait commission for £20, should really advertise more. Really considering putting up digital commissions on here...

Few days early but Merry Xm@$ to everyone, hope everyone has a great holiday. I'm headed home tomorrow on the 5 hour train ride... such fun... Can't wait to see my old friends and my family, including my furry/scaly babies x) Sigh I already know someone who's gonna be alone this year, as he has been for the past few months, which sucks 'cause I'd love to jump on a plane and go see him but unfortunately that can't happen xP dammit... So hope everyone reading this has friends/family to go spend time with.

  • Mood: Hope
  • Listening to: Nirvana, Shinedown, SOiL, Disturbed...
  • Reading: Hm I really should finish reading GoT...
  • Watching: The Boondock Saints, Walking Dead, House
  • Playing: guitar (Metallica/Shinedown)
  • Eating: Nothing right now...
  • Drinking: Strongbow


Dragon Design WIP 5 by amaryllis-bloom
Dragon Design WIP 5
I was hoping to just put up the finished thing but what they hey it's been a while. Since I haven't really done much in the way of backgrounds I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, just got some more trees, rest of the grass and the sky to go, then I'm done.

Started a thousand other things but I'll try get most WIP on here finished first then they'll be a flood of new stuff. More character designs - OC and original, etc. and I've been sketching out the first couple pages of my and my best friend's zombie graphic novel (Bite. Feed. Die. Repeat.), which I've decided to release sorta along side the book I'm writing of it. I'm so close to finishing the writing of it thank god 'cause the first chapter has been up here for ages.

In other news I have a shitty cold xP means drawing is really the only thing I have in my mental capacity right now, even though it burns the hell out of my eyes. Or that could just be the cold... who knows. Well, thanks for viewing this good people, as always comments are appreciated.
Opposites by amaryllis-bloom
Okay so I just had to get this piece out of the way. And tried out my new watermark in the centre there.

I was debating on what to call this but figured I might as well make it obvious 'cause of the whole day/night, fire/ice thing.
But the thing this is really about, and why I did this was to vent out a difficult emotion I have right now; and that's isolation. I'm not really bothered about being alone as such, it's more the fact that for one I'm at university the opposite end of the country to where I've left my family and best friend. Obviously that was my choice and I don't regret that. I've got people up here too so I'm not really alone in that respect.

What this is probably more about, and why I initially thought of doing this, was because it's very difficult to be half the world away from someone you care about so much, especially when you know that they're pretty much just as alone as you are, or worse. One of the most difficult things I've gone through. And it's probably stupid to end up going through it but sometimes you just can't help but feel that way about someone whether they feel as much in return or not. Despite me being in the UK, and him being in the US, we often have a certain amount of fun Facebook chatting and things so it's not like I totally miss him, just I miss being physically with him and talking face to face. But we always talk of seeing each other again so all is not lost in that respect. I probably have a problem with emotional wrong place, wrong time issues lol... Ehh whatever happens, everything happens the way it's supposed to. And yeah I have a somewhat firm belief of destiny x) (Thanks to Shinedown)

Well kinda poured a little bit of my heart here xP but hey, it's a good place to and it's a good community here for the most part so, if you viewed this, thanks very much. Got a few more pieces to finish up before I start on a very overdue project but we'll see about that ;) And as always, if you wanna critic this or know any photoshop drawing tips you wanna share, feel free to do so.
Dragon Design WIP 4 by amaryllis-bloom
Dragon Design WIP 4
Pretty much gonna be quick updates of old stuff right now. Got the wolves to do, might even do some zombie concept stuff I've been putting off for the past year xP But for now here's another update of Stardust (name may be changed); a 'Saphira-esque' dragon OC for the Legend of Spyro. Looking to be an Air/Ice dragon. Or maybe just call her a 'light' dragon to combine the two elements and be done with it. I'll see about a character profile when I'm done. Just been clearing this up, changing the colour hue slightly. Not got much left to do one this.
Also gonna try my hand at putting a detailed background in with this. Maybe like that dark forest in the third TLoS game, whatever it's called...

Feel free to drop any critics; all comments much appreciated.
Xmas Elephants by amaryllis-bloom
Xmas Elephants
To be honest this was pretty rushed to get done. Took 4 hours. I wanted it vaguely cartoon anyway so could be worse. Xmas card for my mother, hopefully she'll like it despite the obvious flaws lol.
Xmas animal babies by amaryllis-bloom
Xmas animal babies
So this is the finished card, lazy as hell background but figured the animals were detailed enough xP Damn near killed me... All done on Photoshop with a drawing tablet. I still feel the tiger is a bit off with the colour but whatever. The bear is a grizzly and I don't think they can get that light in colour so meh they're wearing hats and shit it's not supposed to be that realistic lol.

This is for my nan whose 3 favourite animals are the ones featured in this pic x)


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Lauren Griffith
United Kingdom
I'm 18, an Animal Behaviour student of Manchester Metropolitan University, hopefully I'll become a conservationist/wildlife photographer or something like that with a bit of art and writing on the side. I'm driven by music and I owe my sanity to bands of all kinds of rock and metal as well as my older sister, my brother in law,
and my best mate :iconiamawesome66: <-- Check out her art and awesome photography :D

Most of what I'll put on here will be photos of nature and my pets along with Photoshop stuff and local commissions which could possibly be commissions through here maybe...

If you want to follow me on Twitter @ LG_Amaryllis I'll follow back ;)

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