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Just realised this is the first journal of the year... month late lolz but anyway I'm gonna seriously put myself to work with art starting with crazy zombie concept art and stuff, that is as soon as I get photoshop fixed for the freakin thousandth time dammit. "Photoshop needs to be activated but wait you're not connected to the internet..." Erm.. it was already activated and I know 'cause I was able to go on it once before you went and killed it and ffs I am connected to the internet!! Yeah asshole technology xP but as soon as I see my bro in law hopefully he'll get it permanently fixed... 
At least I can sketch stuff for now, I'm thinking a good way of doing things might be sketching on paper then scanning into photoshop to finalize it.

Also I'm really considering opening commissions on dA, might be early days yet in terms of getting myself known but I'll never know til I ask so I'll see what time I have for that sort of thing... And once I move out to Uni it might be useful to have some extra income through art, though for now I need to focus on getting a job and working through my last year of college, joy lolz.

Besides that I'm gonna see Halestorm 2nd March with my mate so that's gonna be awesome x) first and potentially only gig of the year xP can't wait for that. So... thank you to everyone giving feedback on my recent patronus art, all you guys are very cool as always, love seeing some great stuff from everyone I'm watching every morning and yeah, hopefully more to come soon. I'm gonna sign off and watch The Crow (personally I think it's underrated, just throwing it out there) ;)

Later ~
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  • Reading: Hm I really should finish reading GoT books...
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Ghost Alert by amaryllis-bloom
Ghost Alert
So I can tell I'm not the greatest at drawing trees and backgrounds and stuff but meh that's what concept art is for xP and I'm okay with this piece. I reckon I'm leaving it like this and I can safely say it's taken way too long for one panel of a graphic novel, so for probably the next year or so I'm just gonna keep practising 'cause there's a thousand different things which I haven't ever attempted drawing before and I'm gonna need to somehow but hopefully it won't be too bad when it comes around to it.

Hopefully the main character profiles soon or maybe some zombie dingoes x) might even start a cover for the first chapter idk...

Thanks for having a look at this and please critic 'cause I always need to improve my style ;)
Mama and Daughter WIP by amaryllis-bloom
Mama and Daughter WIP
Doing this for my elephant crazy mother for mother's day x3

Took two hours to get this far and it's pretty much done I'm just gonna mess around with effects and backgrounds maybe... Thank god it's almost break 'cause my eyes are starting to burn xP

Thanks for viewing and feel free to critic and suggest stuff as I'm always experimenting with Photoshop ;)
Random Smaug based dragon by amaryllis-bloom
Random Smaug based dragon
Here's some random heavily reference dragon pics... For English Language believe it or not 'cause we had to make a children's book and at first I thought maybe I could do a mega simplified version of part of the Hobbit but then the person I was working with was kinda against it so I was like meeehh okay. Stuck with dragons though so just took the line arts that I already did and made it look a bit different from Smaug. And I made the colours simpler since I only had one night to do this so I rushed these like hell (bout half an hour each)

So yeah... just some cartoonish dragon practice for the most pointless work in English xP might as well upload it anyway despite it looks pretty crap 'cause for any one of these I would take at least five hours on (you should see the rest of the book which I roughly sketched without any references... Looked like kids drew the book xD )
Ghost Alert WIP 4 by amaryllis-bloom
Ghost Alert WIP 4
Aaaand here are some trees xP I reckon the next one I upload will be the finished one, just the tree detail and I'll probably just add a deer... or maybe a zombie lolz

Also the line art on this is the heavy line, I know most people who I've talked to preferred the medium line one on that critic thing I uploaded before but now that I've added a lot of background detail, personally I think that the dark line is necessary as otherwise the dog just doesn't stand out enough. I might play around with the contrast in the end but for now I'm pretty certain that heavy line art is the way to go. It may not, it may depend on the specific pic or panel of the graphic novel but for now this is most likely going to be the style I'll use and hopefully drawing people will be okay xP

Thanks for viewing and if you could drop a critic on this that would be awesome x)
Ghost Alert WIP 3 by amaryllis-bloom
Ghost Alert WIP 3
Getting the background done here, not good with accurate shadows so it's just gonna have to be vague dark patch xP and just getting used to the foliage trying to make it look as much like Australia (Northern Territory to be precise) and different sky scapes. Natural backgrounds are relatively easy for me but I can sense a headache when it comes to cityscapes of which there will be mostly at the beginning and the end. I'll probably have to trace basic guidelines from photos at first just to get used to it...
It's going okay though, finally got Photoshop CC working on my laptop, hopefully for good now so I can keep bashing out concept art as well as writing the story and some other random art on the side.

Thanks for viewing this and if anyone could drop a comment on a previous WIP I'm looking into how heavy the line art this style should be (this is medium but I'm considering darker or lighter) It's for a graphic novel but to what extent I'm mixing in realism with a cartoon style I'm still experimenting with it so if you could critic that here-->Ghost Alert WIP2 (critics needed)


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Lauren Griffith
United Kingdom
I'm 17, a college student, hopefully I'll become a zoologist/wildlife photographer or something like that with a bit of art and writing on the side. I'm driven by music and I owe my sanity to bands of all kinds of rock and metal as well as my older sister, my brother in law,
and my best mate :iconiamawesome66: <-- Check out her art and awesome photography :D

Most of what I'll put on here will be photos of nature and my pets along with Photoshop stuff and local commissions which could possibly be commissions through here maybe...

If you want to follow me on Twitter @ LG_Amaryllis I'll follow back ;)

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