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Just to say, yeah the title is Shinedown's new album which, though I won't be talking about it, it pretty much sums up how I feel about my life right now if anyone has happened to have heard it. (Btw it's a damn awesome album)

So it's been nearly a month at uni (Manchester Metropolitan), first time moving out of home... And there's good things and bad.

I'll get the bad outta the way. Basically my home life is pretty shit in terms of the atmosphere with my flatmates. I'm not gonna go on about every issue but I'm not like the three girls I'm living with, like they go clubbing, I don't, etc. etc. Typical stuff. Not that I cared but it meant that they all clicked where as I'm the outsider. Leading to situations where they gang up on me about the fact I emailed the accommodation office to see if I could move to a friends flat because my flatmates do not know how to keep a kitchen clean and at the time they could never keep music/voices down late at night. Basically they called me bitchy 'cause I'm uncomfortable talking with them because of the very reason they demonstrated; they would not understand the issues I have and they would get argumentative all at once. 

So that's my threat to survival as it were. I'm not sure about my living situation but I'm hoping it'll soon get fixed one way or another. I just know that I'm gonna keep my head held high, not back down and never be voiceless.

But on the other hand, I have some very good people looking out for me over here. Through my course I have met a couple of amazing guys who have become very good friends in such a short space of time. And I seem to attract the crazy ones. Hell one of 'em borders on insanity xD It's been three/four weeks and I'm already worrying about what he's gonna get himself into next lol. But they are brilliant and they care about me so that's what matters, and I'll be grateful to them for the rest of my life. We're even pretty set on renting somewhere with each other next year x)

Oh yeah, and uni work itself is pretty okay at the moment. Went to a couple deer parks, one of which we got pretty up close to so I'm gonna be putting up some photos I got soon. But for now, I need to eat something and probably have an early night. So rock n roll xP

Well thank you to all who read this and I'm out.

  • Mood: Distracted
  • Listening to: Nirvana, Shinedown, SOiL, Metallica...
  • Reading: Hm I really should finish reading GoT books...
  • Watching: The Boondock Saints, Walking Dead
  • Playing: guitar (Disturbed/Shinedown)
  • Eating: Nothing right now...
  • Drinking: Strongbow


... WIP by amaryllis-bloom
... WIP
This is actually just half of this random piece I'm doing. Still sitting on a lot of unfinished work but I will get it done one day xP Needs a lot of detailing on here, need to add some white on the wolf for moonshine reflection but that's about it. Also the red on the wolf is supposed to be reflection from the red below it but i don't know if it really looks like that, oh well. Gonna leave it quite scruffy though, sorta trying a slightly different style other than overusing the smudge tool. Might start doing more backgrounds this way. 
The Pack WIP 4 by amaryllis-bloom
The Pack WIP 4
Kay so I did things a little differently and decided to just sketch in the remaining wolves... I think I'm set for the number or wolves anyway. So from now it's just colouring and shading to do, that's after I take a break, eat something and get on with some uni work xP
Fallow #9 by amaryllis-bloom
Fallow #9
This is me trying to feed a deer x) my mate Sophie called him Geoffrey lol. Got so close but he was too shy to get closer than a few feet away. So amazing though I remember my heart pounding at one point. So yeah that's some of my uni life; getting to mess around with animals :D

Photo credit goes to my buddy Chris ;)
Fallow #8 by amaryllis-bloom
Fallow #8
Fallow Deer of Dunham Park. This guy is my favourite 'cause he came so close to us and I very nearly fed him some of my breakfast bar x) he was interested but was too shy to get closer than a metre. Pretty damn incredible though.
Fallow #7 by amaryllis-bloom
Fallow #7
Fallow Deer of Dunham Park. This one's shy. My mate got too close and he took off xP


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Lauren Griffith
United Kingdom
I'm 18, an Animal Behaviour student of Manchester Metropolitan University, hopefully I'll become a conservationist/wildlife photographer or something like that with a bit of art and writing on the side. I'm driven by music and I owe my sanity to bands of all kinds of rock and metal as well as my older sister, my brother in law,
and my best mate :iconiamawesome66: <-- Check out her art and awesome photography :D

Most of what I'll put on here will be photos of nature and my pets along with Photoshop stuff and local commissions which could possibly be commissions through here maybe...

If you want to follow me on Twitter @ LG_Amaryllis I'll follow back ;)

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